Wednesday the 22nd of November, OpenTable is delighted to host the twelfth appointment with the WEBdeLDN meetup, featuring talks by Tammie Lister (Experience Designer at Automattic) and Cristiano Rastelli (Front-End Engineer at Badoo).

Tammie’s and Cristiano’s talks are linked by a common fil-rouge: storytelling. In fact, each talk is a story, told by a first-hand protagonist, of two big business-critical projects. The first one is about the complete redesign of one of the core parts of WordPress, the content editor (which involves UI/UX design, the introduction of a new tech stack, a very strict backward compatibility, and much more). The second one is about the introduction (by a developer!) of a design system in a design-driven company, and all the complexities, the failures (the “dragons”) and the wins of this quest.

Schedule of the evening

18:30 - Doors will open. Welcoming drinks and pizza
19:00 - Getting to know Gutenberg - Tammie Lister
19:45 - Some more pizza and drinks
20:00 - From zero to Cosmos - Cristiano Rastelli
20:45 - End of the meetup

Registration and full details are available here