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Culture Time

Culture Time is one of the unique things that makes the EU & UK Engineering Team at OpenTable so special. During Culture Time, engineers can engage in professional development like online courses, work on proof-of-concepts for new OpenTable features, and more. It is an opportunity for us to grow and learn new technologies, as well as a chance to work with people outside our normal team. Some Culture Time projects have even gained momentum and ended up as production code. In fact, the tech blog itself is an example of a Culture Time project.

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Acing the internship interview

Today is an exciting day because we've just started accepting applications for our summer internship programme! If you're reading this then hopefully you've already applied or you're thinking of applying. Don't worry if that's not the case, but just bear in mind that the target audience of this blog post is internship programme candidates.

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We're hiring!

It is a very exciting time for us at OpenTable, and specifically at OpenTable Engineering in Europe.

Join our team

The Technology Team delivers innovative products through rapid, continuous development. You’ll be with people who take pleasure in software design and believe that velocity comes from a commitment to clean code and solid engineering principles.

There are currently no job openings. Please check back later.