Those of you that read this blog on a regular basis will be aware that here at OpenTable we take our commitment to Open Source very seriously. As part of the infrastructure team at OpenTable we are begining a process of being open-first. That means that everything we write will be open-sourced unless it contains a significant amount of internal information but we will architect to limit this.

As part of that commitment we are trying to release all our Puppet configuration. The key to maintaining any good habit is to do little and often and with that in mind we wanted to let you know about ForgeFriday.

Every Friday we will be releasing our Puppet code onto the PuppetLabs Forge (until we run out of modules). That means all our Windows modules, all our forks, our experiments, our custom facts and functions - anything and everything will start rolling out on Fridays.

It’s not just forge and forget either, we will continue to support all of our modules and those that use them. We will blog about some of the bigger, more important ones and continue to engage with the community as much as possible. If you’re using our modules (even if you have no issues) then let us know - we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime go and check out what we have already released:

opentable/windowsfeature - Module that will turn Windows features on or off

opentable/iis_rewrite - Module that will install the IIS Rewrite 2.0 Module on Windows

opentable/remaster - Module for managing the remaster of agent nodes

opentable/puppetversion - Module for managing the installation and upgrade of Puppet

opentable/altlib - Module providing some additional useful functions

Keep an eye on Twitter for the latest ForgeFriday updates.