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We're hiring!

It is a very exciting time for us at OpenTable, and specifically at OpenTable Engineering in Europe.

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Welcome to the OpenTable Europe technology blog

Hi, welcome to our relaunched tech blog, it's been quite some time in the works! Our last post was in 2019 – and to be fair there have been some distractions since – but we're delighted to be back.

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Meetup: Design Systems in the Real World with React

This Thursday, June 13th, we are pleased to be able to partner with the React GraphQL Academy to host Design Systems in the Real World with React at our Finsbury Square office, London.

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Starting your career as a software developer

A couple of years ago I was asked to give a talk to programming undergraduates at Kings College, London. I wrote up the session as a blog post and added it to my personal website, where it has received thousands of hits since (one or two hits).

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OpenTable's Global Hackathon 2017

Last week we were excited to kick-off our first OpenTable Global Hackathon, underway simultaneously in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Melbourne, and right here in London. Having personally never attended a hackathon before let alone helped organise one I was initially daunted, but with some careful planning, good suggestions from the team and a fair amount of making it up as we went along, the end result was quite a success.

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Building a living styleguide at OpenTable

If you're reading this you've probably built yourself a website. A site - large or small - that's thrown together or crafted over many months. And if you have, you’ve probably kept all your CSS class names in your head, or at least been able to go straight to the relevant stylesheets to retrieve them.

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Supporting IE8 in the OpenTable redesign

We're really proud to have released last week our redesigned website, the culmination of months of hard work from many talented people here in London and in San Francisco.

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Linking to your app in Windows 8

In an effort to raise the visibility of our excellent Windows 8 app we have recently connected to the Windows Store. This was simply a case of adding two lines of meta data to our site. Or it should have been – there were several gotchas along the way that are worth sharing.